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Chandlers Ford baby photographer

Rick is a Hampshire Newborn Baby Photographer, working across Hampshire, including Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, Southampton, Winchester, Basingstoke, Petersfield, Portsmouth and everywhere else in Hampshire.

Rick Carter is a newborn photographer, baby photographer and childrens photographer.

Chandlers Ford Newborn Photographer

I specialise in newborn photography from birth and beyond, producing stunning and original newborn photos right across Hampshire. I photograph newborns in Chandlers Ford from as young as 1 day old. Ideally it’s best to book your newborn photography BEFORE the “big day” – I tend to book a date two weeks after your due date, this tentative date can then be moved around as part of the allocated edited time I have in the week.

I’m pretty strict about getting professional newborn photos in those first two weeks as newborn babies are at their sleepiest allowing for more sleeping / calm time. This allows me to pose them slightly easier.

Natural Newborn Photographer

Newborn Baby Photography

How does a new born photoshoot work?

The sessions take place at home in or around Chandlers Ford. This works great for most people (you don’t have to go anywhere), everything you need is readily available, baby is familiar with the sounds and smells going on around them, and nursing/feeding breaks are possible and relaxed.

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