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Chichester Family Photographer

My style could be described as Lifestyle or Natural Family photography – capturing authentic moments in your own home or out on locations around Chichester that mean something to you and your family.

I work throughout Chichester – we are lucky in Chichester to have a wide range of outdoor space that can be fun for families – any beaches – West Whittering is great, Emsworth can be fun, or nearby Staunton Country Park, or a bit further afield Hayling Island or just anywhere.

Almost all of my work is family photography, whether it’s a child by themselves painting or a baby at home in a Nursery that Mum and Dad painted, everything is about family. I often find that little groups – shots of you individually with your son or daughter can be more striking, more impactful and tell a greater story than shots of a larger group.

I live and work in Eastleigh as a newborn photographer, baby photographer and childrens photographer. I’m based outside Southampton but cover the whole of Hampshire, parts of West Sussex like Chichester and the surrounding areas. (Chichester, Emsworth, Winchester, Southampton, Petersfield and more.)


What’s important in your family?

When you look back on your family photographs – what one’s make your heart sing? Is it those family photographs that capture a moment – sometimes that can all be about an expression, but often a bit of context – your environment, your home, the kid’s favourite beach, that teddy bear that little Bobby would never put down – are the things that make a family photograph something that you want to look at again and again.

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My approach to Family Photography

I want to try and capture authentic, real life moments of you and your family. That can be playing at home, a trip to the seaside, making dens in the wood, a birthday party – anything and everything. I want you and your family to be relaxed and comfortable – wear clothes that you feel comfortable in, try to forget about me and enjoy being with your family.

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