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Working with toddlers and young children is super fun (mostly!). I try and make my child photography sessions as enjoyable for everyone as possible. As a child photographer I want to capture the magic of childhood – something that isn’t possible in a studio environment. Instead I work in your home or on location – perhaps somewhere with some special meaning to you all? I tend to like National Trust properties, woods and the seaside.

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Childhood is full of magic and wonder

A time when even a box can be the best thing ever. I work hard to try and keep the mood of my child photography sessions light and easy going – I want to be part of the fun, but also unobtrusive. Each family and each child is different, some children play up to the camera and love having their photo taken – sometimes I’m trying to calm that super cheesy smile. Some children are more camera shy – either way as a natural child photographer I’m not looking generally for posed “smile for the camera” sort of images, I want a bit more real life – I might hunt out some good light and then just let either the kids or you play.

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Toddlers / Young Child Photography

Once a child starts walking they start to really develop their personality – something that shines through on camera. Toddlers are so inquisitive and they often wear their heart on their sleeve. How young children start to explore their world and how they react to different situations can be very different – just like adults. I like to take a very relaxed approach to toddler photography, I want us to get out and about somewhere for part of the shoot. Each shoot may be quite different – there is no “forced fun” plan.

I’m often told – “you’ll never stop him, he’s forever on the go” – so be it – we’re not going to be in a studio situation – your toddler can run about a bit and have an explore. I tend for at least a few photographs to want to slow your child down – but not so that know. It might be that we’ll read, sit on or in something that might hold their attention.

Older Children

They grow up fast, right? I find with children aged 4 and up, we as parents want to capture their youthfulness and childish-ness but they want to show how grown up they are. It’s nice that balance. We’ll have chatted beforehand about what we might want to do on the shoot (I think outing might be a better word, as photoshoot conjures up thoughts of getting dressed up and saying cheese, whereas I’d quite like some grass stains on trousers and mud on the face) and what sort of activities, games, we could do.

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Don’t say cheese

Please. I don’t want fake cheesy grins. I don’t mind grumpy faces …

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I also document particular occasion’s – birthday party, family get together or a day at the seaside.