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Pregnancy is such a special time perhaps it’s because I’m a man, but for me I want more than just a photo of your bump – I want to capture you and your partner – in that special time, the calm before the storm, the feeling of being a team, the nervousness and excitement.

How does a bump (pregnancy) shoot work?

For your maternity shoot, I’d suggest that we try and get some pictures of you & your partner & bump together, ideally doing something (or being somewhere) that is meaningful to you.

It can be as simple as having a coffee together at the bar you always go to, walking in the woods, visiting a local attraction, pottering in your garden, or anything really, as long as it’s something you like.

I mainly take a photo-journalistic approach to photographing you and your partner, which means that I want to get you to relax and I then act as an unobtrusive observer. There are lots of different names for this approach (including reportage, documentary and editorial photography), For most people it does also make sense to take some shots with my mobile studio in your home too, so we can get a few “studio-type” shots.s

I’d suggest booking a maternity shoot around week 30-32, this gives us all a bit of lee-way should baby decide to come early, and hopefully you’ll be feeling gorgeous as well as having a sizeable bump.

I’ll have approximately two hours to spend with you including traveling (if suitable) to a nearby location…