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If you are looking for a Petersfield Family Photographer, you’ve come to the right place. I live and work in Petersfield in sunny Hampshire, and have worked as a family and baby photographer across Hampshire and Surrey for over 6 years (since 2010) taking lifestyle photos of babies and familes in and around Petersfield, the South Downs and across Hampshire and Surrey.

My approach to Family Photoshoots in Petersfield

My photographic style is Natural, lifestyle. That means that I’m looking to capture the sort of images that are a bit of real life with a glimpse of personality, a touch of humour, some emotion and cuteness all rolled in. As a Petersfield Family Photographer I’m looking for us all to have fun on our family photoshoot – not in a studio but in our wonderful surroundings in Hampshire and Surrey.I work in your home or at

I work in your home / garden or at location that’s meaningful for you. That could be Queen Elizabeth Country Park, Butser Hill, Rogate woods, Steep Hangers, Petersfield Town itself, The beautiful South Downs, South Harting, Harting Hill, The Meon’s and More. We are spoilt with great locations for all sorts of family fun.

Often the photoshoot will start at your home and then we’ll head out for a walk or a visit to a favourite local location. A bit like you’d do if friends come and visit you.


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What’s important in your family?

When you look back on your family photographs – what one’s make your heart sing? Is it that family photograph that captured a moment – sometimes that can all be about an expression, often a bit of context – your environment, your home, the kid’s favourite beach, that teddy bear that little Bobby would never put down – are the things that make a family photograph something that you want to look at again and again.


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Newborns / Babies / Teenagers / Grandparents

I work with them all. They all have their challenges. I don’t charge per person or anything, although I tend to find the more concentrated time we can have as a smaller group the better.

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My top tips for Natural Lifestyle Family Photographs

1) Relax.

2) Forget about me – probably don’t act up for the camera or say cheese.

3) Be yourselves. But on a good day. Be patient, be caring, get physically close to each other.

4) Enjoy yourselves – that’s down to all of us – I want you to feel comfortable with me, and I want you to have fun. For some families that can be energetic and full throttle stuff – for other’s, it might be colouring and reading.

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